Kosmor - Standard Business Conditions and Terms of Use - as of 3.10.2007

1. Access:
By accessing the web pages at kosmor.com, you accept the standard business conditions and terms of use on this page. If you do not accept these terms, please leave this website now.

2. Definition:
Kosmor and the Kosmor Forum form an online game platform, which is accessible via the internet. Consecutieveley, this platform and the kosmor site will be labeled as "service" or "services". The knoblach technologies GmbH operates this platform and will be labeled as "knoblach technologies". Persons using this platform will be labeled as "users".

3. Copyright:
The content of the websites of Kosmor, Kosmor Forum, Kosmor Help and all further offers are copyrighted by law. If other trade names are used within the service, these trade names might be copyrighted by the associated companies.

4. Usage eligibility:
The user is authorized to use all offered contents on a private basis. If any contents are to be copied, broadcasted or transmitted in any way, it is necessary to obtain a prior permission from knoblach technologies.

5. Warranty:
All contents and services are offered "as seen" and without any warranty of any kind. Knoblach technologies doesn't warrant the availibility, correctness, integrity or quality of any of its services. Furthermore, knoblach technologies is eligible to change, delete, sell, or suspend any of its services at any time and without advance notice.

6. Links to other websites:
Knoblach technologies refrains from links to other websites. The supplier of the respective remote website is liable for any illegal, deficient or incomplete content.

7. Limitation of liability:
All liability claims against knoblach technologies are barred, as long as the services are not operated in a grossly negligent way. This includes all damages, resulting from usage of the services, especially including loss of data, loss of profits and any other form of incurred damage. Knoblach technologies can not be hold liable for the behavior of third parties, like other users posting incorrect or illegal information, or authors of remote websites submitting illegal content. Knoblach technologies only enables access to the services but refrains from contents provided by users or other third party entities. All liabilites have to be claimed directly from the causative user or third party entity.

8. Obligation of secrecy:
The user agrees, that all gathered personal information can be stored and processed by knoblach technologies, as long as it is required by local laws and as long as it is necessary to operate the services properly. Knoblach technologies keeps this personal information in strict confidence.


9. Terms of use and game rules:
1. There is no entitlement to access the services 24/7.
2. The services are only open for human users. "Scripts" or "bots" are illegal and will be banned, including the invoking human user.
3. The administration may delete messages at any time and without jusitifaction.
4. Every user may possess only one account. If the administration recognizes "multi users", persons that posses more than one account, all of these accounts will be instantly deleted.
If it is obvious, that a user exploits system leaks to enhance his game account, the user will also be deleted instantly.
5. Accounts that are inactive for more than 3 weeks (21 days), will be deleted automatically from the system.
New accounts will be in a probation period, where they will be deleted after 4 days of inactivity.
6. If users recognize errors, illegal content or any other irregular things, they must instantly contact the administration.
7. The user is obligated not to post any offensive, illegal, displeasing or objectionable content. In particular, any kind of radical, extremistic, youth-endangering or pornographic content is strictly forbidden. 8. If knoblach technologies recognizes an illegal action of any user, it may report personal information to the local law enforcement agencies.
9. A user may only submit material, that is not copyrighted by anyone else.
10. The user is obligated to protect his password from the access of others. He is liable for all consequences of third-party actions and abuse.
11. The user abandons all legal titles against knoblach technologies, which may be the result of actions of other users.
12. The user may not transfer his account to any other person. If he decides to discontinue using the service, he has to sign off permanently using the service page.

10. Refund:
Users are not eligible to claim refunds, unless the membership has been canceled by "knoblach technologies" and the cancelation was not because of the user breaching the "Standard Business Conditions and Terms of Use", especially number 9) "Terms of use and game rules".

11. Place of jurisdiction:
These standard business conditions comply with the law of Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction for all actions against knoblach technologies or any actions initiated by knoblach technologies is Munich, Germany. Any claims have to be exercised within one year, starting from their emergence.

12. Change of the standard business conditions and the terms of use:
Knoblach technologies reserves the right to change these standard business conditions and terms of use at any time. The user agrees to check back to these standard business conditions and terms of use in regular intervals. By using the services, the user agrees to the latest version.

13. Severability clause:
In the case of invalidation of one or more terms of these standard business conditions and terms of use, none of the other terms or conditions will be affected.

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