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PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:04    Post subject: Trap Reply with quote

As Comander nella lay in wait for the pirate grey to cross his guns the long range sensers picked up somthing
'Sir' shouted the young cadet
Nella turned round and looked at him
'Sir theres a fleet coming in fast'

nella new what has happend as he lay there in wait for the ripper grey they have set a trap for him

the pirate renault jumped to just in front of him with a fleet twice the size as his own

nella looked at his update that was just handed to him his main fleet is still thousands of light years away

'Open all channals to are fleet.' Said nella in a soft tone to his staff

and send this message

'to all captains it was an honour to serve with you now prove your worth and defend the weak full attack close channal'

the fight was lost from the start but we stand by are friends till the last

to glory and to honour
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 15:40    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Sir, Communication central caught up some bad looking transmissions, on various channels."

"Which channels?"

"Templars encrypted combat channel, as well as the common pirate band, Sir."

"What did we record on the pirate band?"

"It's not really clear, Sir, however, we've deciphered it our best, but those pirates always do find out ways to keep us from intercepting clear signal."

"This does not answer my question. What's on the recordings?"

"Sir, this is pirates stuff. Sir, I've heard it, and it still disturbs me."

"Play it anyway."

"Sir... Yes, Sir!"
Deciphered Pirate Communications wrote:

"To all pilots, get into your ships. Get ready to take off, however, stay docked on the Warplanet. Tactical silence. This is not an exercise, I repeat, this is not an exercise. We will proceed to one last jump before engaging the ennemy. The target will be well defended, however, it shall not pose us a great problem to our fleet. When it'll be down, we'll be allowed to plunder the target. Pilots, this is your new worthy target. Nothing to do with those undefended planets and Warplanet we kept on harassing."

"Sir, that's all we've been up to decipher of what we intercepted on their frequencies."

"That's fine, we learnt a lot with what is already deciphered. It's a shame we didn't knew how to decipher pirates communications before."

"Sir, we've never been stuck in a pirate house before. We had no chances of knowing how to decipher their communications, Sir!"

"And, what about what we caught on Templar's combat channel?"

"Sir, you want me to play it too?"


Templars Combat Records wrote:

"Pilots, you are writing history on today.

We will do a sortie against an enemy of twice our size. We have no chances to get out of this confrontation alive, however, we have no chances to retreat either. If we retreat, these pirates will back stab us, and there will be no one standing to defend our friends and families. If we face them, we will give our friends a chance to defeat them, and to save our families.

Those pirates started a war, and we have to fight this battle if we want to have a chance to win the war.

Pilots, it is up to you now. Fight for all that is dear to you! Fight for our Imperator! Fight for your friends! Fight for your family! Fight for your life!

"I want to speak to everyone on this WarPlanet, as well as everyone standing on my planet."

"Yes sir! Communication devices are ready, sir!"

"To all my fellow citizens,

I have terrible news for you. Our friend, Nella, got downed. His fleet was destroyed and he too is now under the domination of the pirate.

Nella was the backup we all hoped for.

Now that Nella's fleet is no more, all hope is not gone. His fleet was not vainly destroyed. They fought to give us a chance to win over the long term.

Because, now, we're no longer alone. We're two under the domination of the pirate. We're two that were knocked down.

And, you know what it means to be two?

It means that we're able to build a fleet twice as fast as the pirate can. We're able to build factories twice as fast as he can. All we need to do is combine our forces to get freed of this pirate.

From now on, our factories and shipyards will run at maximal speed, all day long.

We have a chance to achieve freedom, and we ought not to miss it!"
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