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My Story

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PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 19:20    Post subject: My Story Reply with quote

Several years ago...

In front of a group of students is a large holoscreen displaying a lecture.

"Back in the year 2020 A.D or as it was known to the humans living upon the planet Earth in the Solar System Alpha-1, so named by the Humans of Earth because it was the first known to them. The beginning of the year had looked promising, new relations had emerged and old rivalries had been set aside, all was peaceful, well as peaceful as can be in a society ruled by Humans.

No more than 3 months into the new year, a new threat had arisen, from within. A ruthless but tactical mastermind under the pseudonym Kane Angel had begun his plan to unsettle the final balance and take his ideologies and try to force them upon the people of Earth, by whatever force necessary, the many that resisted were put down almost as quickly as they had started. The whole Earth began a civil war, a war in which would proceed to destroy every sense of the word Civilisation, it was not civilised, it was far from that, it could only be described as savage. Whilst war waged, many groups formed from both sides, battles commenced all over the world in every country, it was inevitable what destiny awaited them.

A group of Earths leading scientist,engineers and population seeking peace had formed together to attempt to change their destiny, they seemed to be the only ones who were able to see what the war would bring - destruction of the human race. The group formed as a measure of protection and secrecy, it was what was considered a secret society, a group of people with similar interests, and they began the project known as "Unknown Heavens". The purpose of the project was to create a spacecraft big enough to transport those involved to new Galaxies, away from the constant conflict of Earth that would lead to it's demise.

The project was proposed to be the biggest breakthrough in the history of Earth but also the biggest secret. The project included the craft and the functions it had. The plans were for it to have the ability to mimic photosynthesis to create oxygen, to have an almost endless source of power, to detect suitable planets and solar systems able to sustain life and to contact other beings should they be encountered, aswell as a defence and offence system. This would take many years to complete but with hardwork and determination it was achieved. The people of Earth involved with project "Unknown Heavens" had safeguarded their future and the survival of the human race.

2030 A.D and the craft had finally been created and was prepared for lift off, their journey would begin and this would be how the humans would travel to this part of the universe known as the Kosmor Galaxy."

The lecturer switched off the holoscreen that had previously taken up the front of the lecturing hall.

"And that's it for todays lesson, A brief history of Project 'Unknown Heavens', you may leave." stated the lecturer

A student who had been staring intently at the holoscreen for the whole duration of the lecture had glided towards the lecturer hoping to catch him for a talk before he left.

"Professor Fihans, i'd like to find out more about my Ancestors one day, I wish I could be as bold as them and create an empire just like they did for us here." said Master Giner.

"My son, you are destined for great things, believe in yourself, work hard and one day it will be your turn." replied the wisened man.

The student took the words of his mentor to heart and bounded off towards his next lecture, feeling inspired.

Several years later...

To be continued...
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PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 10:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

Stardate 47/3502

Upon the planet Quodotusi owned by the house Stargate headed by Oneill, this was where the Military academy was stationed. A new cadet turned officer had finished his final training assignment and finally acheived the rank of Commander. The name of this officer was David "Giner" Daniels. The young officer had undertaken several years of training and trials in order to prepare him for what would lie ahead. Achieving Commander was something that didn't happen often, only one out of a range of students were able to be granted such an honour. Commanders were the rank able to take the control of a Warplanet under their name or "nickname". These Warplanets and Commanders would become the ambassadors/fighters for the house they belonged to, able to colonise new systems, conquer old ones, activate hyperdrive and command a fleet to serve them, and now Giner would control one.

Giner had taken control of his newly built Warplanet which had been presented to him in the lavish ceremony hosted by the academy, after getting to know his crew for a while, most of which he had gone through Military academy with, he set course for his homesystem to prepare himself for his journeys ahead. Factories and Mines had been reopened and shipyards building. Giner sat down at the bridge of his Warplanet and asked for a status update.

"Sir, we are on course from your homeplanet towards to the nearest neutral system" said the navigation engineer.

"Good, have we received any reply from our transmission to Emperor Oneill?" questioned Commander Giner.

"No sir, we have been sending the message on a loop in hope of a quick reply but nothing yet." replied the communications officer.

"That doesn't sound promising, the Emperor is usually a stickler for punctuality, keep me informed." stated Commander Giner.

"Roger that sir." answered the communications officer.

Stardate 48/3502

Commander Giner had landed successfully at the neutral planet, acting as ambassador he had convinced the natives to accept their new ruler and colonised the planet to add to the house Stargate. After this success Giner returned to his Warplanet and prepared himself for another transmission to Emperor Oneill, he hoped that a reply would be made, as it was urgent to receive some kind of order after the set amount of neutral planets had been colonised.

"Sir, all possible planets have been colonised and we are awaiting new orders." said the navigation engineer.

"Good, we can now begin to produce our own ships and parts, so we do not have to rely upon Emperor Oneill." replied Giner.

"Please prepare the long range communication transmitter for a message" ordered Giner

A few beeps were heard in the background whilst the Comms. Officer prepared the machine for use

"Opening transmission, channel Stargate" replied the Comms. Officer.

"Ready when you are sir."

Dear Emperor Oneill,

I am Commander Giner of your house.

I wish to know what orders I should take next for you?

Is everything alright my Lord?

Yours Faithfully

"Please send this out right away!" exclaimed Giner

A few more beeps could be heard as the message was processed, then it fell silent.

"Message Sent" a mechanical voice was heard after the silence.

"Have we had any communication with Oneill from our previous messages yet?" Giner asked the Comms. Officer.

"No sir, no contact, we have had several reports of his activity though through the Galactic News." replied the Comms. Officer.

"Well at least we know he is there, maybe there is a problem with our long range communication?" wondered Giner.

"There could be a problem on the other end sir, we can find no problem with ours." answered the Comms. Officer

"Just keep trying, maybe we could get a reply within the next few days." hoped Giner.

Stardate 55/3502

Commander Giner had returned to his homeplanet upon colonising the amount of neutral planets possible, there had been no communication from Emperor Oneill since Commander Giner had graduated from his Military Academy. Whilst residing upon the bridge, the Comms. Officer grabbed Commander Giners attention for an important issue.

"Sir! We have just received a message from a Commander Nikoy!" announced the Comms. Officer.

"Display it before me please right away!" aknowledged Giner.

Dear Giner,

I am Commander Nikoy of the house New Order of Templar.

I see that you are a new commander in this region, I would like to assist you in furthering your career.

If you are in need of help please tell me, and I will assist as much as I am able.

I see that you are in the house of Stargate, under Major Oneill, he is apart of our house but indepedent for quite some time.

I have been asked to take you under me to guide you, is this okay with you?

If so please tell me and I will bring you into the house.

Greetings Nikoy.

"That is the message sir, what will you reply?

"I shall give it some thought, for now continue as planned" answered Giner.

To be continued...
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PostPosted: Thu May 07, 2009 18:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

Several hours later...

Giner was sat in the commanders chair at the center of the bridge of his Warplanet contemplating the message that he had received hours earlier. He walked over to the communications transmitter in order to view the message once more to be sure of what had been propositioned. Whilst he was preparing the machine for use, he glanced around at his crew left on the bridge at this time, some were barely awake, some were chatting but all seemed aware that their Commander was gazing upon them. There was a look in their eyes that Giner could sense, it seemed to him one of worry or anxiety most likely caused by the message sent to Commander Giner by Commander Nikoy and what fate would await them.

As Giner perused over the message once more before taking his decision he took one final look upon his crews worried faces and got ready to set their minds at ease. He took out his communicator and called for the closest communications technician to come at once. He chose these as he didn't want to bother his Comms. Officer so late in the night after the hardwork he had done recently. Several minutes later, a tired eyed young technician entered the bridge and stood to attention.

"Sir I am ready for whatever you request." mumbled the technician half asleep.

"Good man, I am sorry for awaking you at this hour but I have an urgent message to send out immediately." declared Giner.

The technician moved towards the communications transmitter as Giner moved away towards the bridge and began to think of how he was going to reply to Nikoy. The technician had began his work in preparing the machine for a long distance transmission.

"I am ready when you are sir." said the technician as he finished preparing the machine.

Giner took one last look at the message from Commander Nikoy before it disappeared as the technician had prepared to compose a new one. He had decided that this would be the best course of action for his crew and his new colonies. He began dictating to the technician.

Dear Nikoy,

First of all let me thank you for your kind offer, I am always looking for new ways to improve myself.

Right now I have many things covered so don't need help in that aspect, although I would like the help in becoming more experienced.

Yes I am in Stargate, it is the house that I was brought up in and where I learnt everything to become a Commander. However lately I have had no messages from Emperor Oneill, I have sent several messages but there doesn't seem to be any reply, I fear for his safety and mine too, without him to protect the homeland, it is me alone.

This has led me to the decision to accept your offer of joining your house.

Please give me the details of what to do next.

Regards Giner.

"Thanks for your time, that will be all." said Giner finishing the message.

The technician stood up and headed off the bridge towards his quarters. Giner was now positioned in the Commanders chair, he glanced around at the crew remaining on the bridge and the difference in their expressions gave Giner the reassurance he needed, he left the bridge to his quarters and gave command to his number two.

To be continued...
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