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Nemesis - Foreign relations and policy

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 17:22    Post subject: Nemesis - Foreign relations and policy Reply with quote

Dear friends and respected adversaries,

Having the experience of being a Templar Knight (involved in The Order's decisions) and for some time now leading Nemesis ... I realized that the relationship system that we used is not flexible and can put the members of Nemesis in trouble that we don't want to get in.

That's why I will renounce the system of long term alliances and NATs !!!

Regarding long term alliances ... there are situations were a house can either not respect the alliance ( would not be honourable ) or respect the alliance and break some essential principles.
Also I have seen it many time when a NAT was simply broke down and the parties started a war. Why having one if any party can transgress it at any moment ?

From now on Nemesis will have 3 variants of status regarding the other houses that we are in contact with:
- friendly
- neutral
- aggressive

There will be also the unknown status for those houses that we are not in contact with.

We will be able to ally with other houses but only for specific purposes. When the goal is reached ... the alliance will be dissolved.

I hope that all of you will understand the reason for this and will not see this like a disrespectful action of my house.

Yours sincerely,
Ruler of Nemesis
Knight of the Order
Member of the House Assisi in the house Nemesis

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Anouncement by the Government of Arcadia arrrr just another big, bad, LOCUST bug scared of us pirates carrying off there wine, woman, and gold! Arcadia, LOCUST your allies and its all the same to us, spare parts and wealth for us matty! Arrrr.......
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After raiding bug infested LOCUST (Master) strong holds, taking there wealth and women, a report is issued: [BOOGGER, parrot corrobot on arm and the Leper King walk the hall] "Master... the LOCUST hordee are weak and drop like bugs when using the can RAID bug spray, Master!" states BOOGGER. Good... BOOGGER! I knew the Master's holdings are weak and ripe for the picking! "BUGGER THE QUEEN" squacks parrot corrobot?! "BUGGER THE QUEEN".... Sorry Master, parrot corrobot bit off the heads of insect governers of the LOCUST hordee... Hmm... I see... Well, it seems we need more of this BUGGER THE QUEEN stuff then, BOOGGER?! Yes Master.... BOOGGER snickers....
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