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Anouncements of the House Noldor Brotherhood
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 16:50    Post subject: Reply with quote

Anouncement of the Royal Bureau of Noldor

Dear Emperors of the known Galaxy,

our King and leader APOcalypse is dying. According to our best medics there is no more hope. He will succumb to his illness within the next days.

He, as the heir of the true King of Noldor Gil-Galad, leaded the house to one of the most powerful houses through the last two years of his reign.

APOcalypse started as a small ruler at the frontier between Noldor and Agnari. After some rumours with Agnari Gil-Galad admitted him to his house, where he was able to grow and build up a fleet. As Gil-Galad got old and ill APOcalypse accepted the formal lead of Noldor. At the great Trojan-Agnari war he formed Noldor-Reacor with Neireh - a new power in the universe. Together they fought side by side with Agnari but lost in spite of some victories.

After the war the alliance of Kesh, The-Brotherhood and Noldor constituted an antipole to the superior house of Troja. With luck and the help of the enemies enemy we were able to split and beat Troja respectively Atlantis.

Today we are the ruling force of the Top10 houses. Thanks to all friends and subordinates for that, for their loyality and support. There were bad, but mainly good times, where we fought side by side.

A special thank to all the enemies too - for great fights and exciting wars. We had a couple of them.

Special thanks to michimike for two nice battles and some great dialogues. Unfortunately there will be no decision fight - the game ends in a draw.

The Noldorian part of the Noldor-Brotherhood Alliance will be integrated into the Brotherhood. Noldor is no more.

Hail to the King!

Royal Bureau for Foreign Affairs
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