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PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 15:37    Post subject: awakened Reply with quote

a green light started flashing on the controll terminal. surprized the officer sat at the desk stood up and walked over to it. pressing a few keys caused the holo display to light up with a countdown timer. confused the insectiod pulled up the relervant data on the timer.

pod 3000563/ky
stasis model 1000
outter seal opening in: 7.57

resident: Angron

Wide eyed the officer flew straight up and out of the room. heading for the bridge, it must in form the captain, there master has awakened
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 02:03    Post subject: Reply with quote

Steam hissed from the pods vents as it was lowered down to the black beetle shell deck. an aray of personel stood at attention around it. the slow decline of the pod doing nothing to calm the nerves and fear ripe in the room.

It has been many months since angron descended into his deep sleep. much has happened, yet not much in his empire had changed. emipres had risen too power and fell. the circle of power has changed and evolved. some emipres still stand dispite many enemies. others have crumbled.

finally the pod had touched the deck, the dark servos hissing with the little use they had seen. A sudden loud crack announced the pods seals breaking. Cool vapour poured around the front of the pod masking the occupant inside. As the pod opened a giant intake of breath filled the room. black shadow began too seep out of the now open pod. Slowly a robed figure could be seen stepping out of the pod.

Angron stepped out of his pod and looked around. his officers stood at attention around him. all in there best uniforms, medals displayed on there chest. it sickened him. the only two officers who deserved to were any medals were now lost too him.

"what is the status on my fleet genrals?" voiced angron
"it is at a minimal sir, the other genrals an................"

was all the old fool could say before a blade sliced through his neck. the fountain of blood that followed suit jetted straight up and into angrons awaiting manifestation. visibly glowing angron allowed him self too relax finally refreshed and ready. he looked around once more at his generals. only one seemed at all unnerved by what he had just seen. a young new general whos name angron intended to learn.

"fire up the forges, my fleet will not wait any longer. have a scribe meet me on my ship and inform are good friends of my return, i believe im not the only one to make an appearance this month"

the lights dimmed and flickered for a moment. angron was gone
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