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Rules of the RP-Forum

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 07:58    Post subject: Rules of the RP-Forum Reply with quote

These rules apply in addition to the general terms and conditions and the board rules found in the Kosmor talk forum.

1. In this forum you are not allowed to hint at real life or ooc (Out of character) issues (especially in case they insult others). Postings with hints at the players themselves are forbidden as they would kill the rpg-atmosphere that is wanted here.

2.Try to use appropriate words and sentences to make your postings interesting to read. Remember you are all sovereigns, and have to choose your words properly. (In case your sovereign ainít capable he gets help from his advisors Wink)

3.Words like forum, posting, multi (as a person with more than 1 account), newbie, account, and so must not be used in the rpg forum. These words are linked to the game principle of Kosmor, but not to the rpg world of the characters, the sovereigns in the Kosmor universe. Single words in cases of minor violation of this principle will be changed by the mods by hand. Posts with major violations will be copied and sent to you via in game mail and then deleted in the rpg forums.

4.Spam is not allowed and will be deleted without any comment.

5.Try not to use the quote option of the forum. Dispatches do also not include the original text of the previous message.

6. Smileys are also forbidden in the rpg forum.

Postings that do not fit those rules may be deleted without any comment.

The rpg forums shall create atmosphere and be the base for talks. Dispatchs, short stories, long stories with sequences, thoughts of your sovereign, whatever your sovereigns want to tell the universe may be written down here. But remember that the genre of kosmor is based on a monarchic-polyarchistic Sci-Fi system, what makes your sovereign a very important person. Behave like this!
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 08:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

All moderators should summarize their changes to the rules above in a short, concise sentence, including the date, a reason if applicable aswell as the moderator who included the changes.

Update History:
    Last update: 10.11.2010 - Rephrased the application of the different board rules in light of a recent confusion about it. Also placed the note on top of the rules, in bold and in a bigger font size to make it more noticeable ~Aurion
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