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from the webway portals

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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 14:02    Post subject: from the webway portals Reply with quote

Lady Sjet storms into the meeting room and glares at her commanders, as her gaze locks the eyes of each in turn, they visibly shrink into the themselves and break eye contact by looking at the floor. Only one person in the room does not, but instead allows a slight smile to appear ot the corners of his mouth. that person is Judas Carpetti, the Galactic Herald assigned to House of Ulthwe

"what is all this?! am i surrounded by incompetants? you all claim to be commanders and historians but not one of you can search the archives properly and bring me the information i so desperately need to safeguard our House! Why should i have to go outside our House to gather the information that You my commanders are supposed to provide me so that i may govern properly? ANSWER ME!!!! " says Lady Sjet.

"My Lady," says one commander who steps slightly forward and bows," it is difficult to gather all the info you need and we must sometimes resort to others, while we can certainly learn about who runs a particular house it is most difficult to gather information about the members of a house. That is why this information was overlooked."

"Overlooked?! OVERLOOKED! your lack of vision has quite possibly cost us our nuetrality in this thrice damned war, this Galactic Herald has brought me several extremely disturbing reports, all of which should not have had to come to my attention, Now the Lady Marion wants our House destroyed, Lord Troja comes to us with veiled ultimatums, and all because YOU OVERLOOKED A VERY IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION, YOU KNOB!!"

"But my Lady..."

"SHUT UP, I've heard all i want hear of your whining in your last few words, the only thing i want to hear from any of you over next few heartbeats is Yes My Lady, anything else and your family will be informed of your demise due to an untimely cerebral hemoragge, do i make myself clear?"

"Yes, My Lady", all the commanders intone at once, even the Galactic Herald.

I have already taken steps to make reperations as required, You had all better hope that they are enough or you will find yourselves on the front lines. Judas send this message to the Confederacy and all other Imperators that you think it will pertain to.

We of House Ulthwe have long and loudly proclaimed our nuetrality in the war between the Houses of Agnari and those of the Confederacy, the attacks on Gondor were a mistake due to a lack of information, just as the attacks on us by Kong were. we have suggested several means of reperation, and have not recieved word of any other points in this matter so it would appear that in all cases these reperations will be enough, except for one, and we will announce each individually. The last point which comes from an outside House will be discussed seperately and at length. they are as follows:"

"1) I have sent Gondor a personal message of apology, explaining what has happened and why, and explaining our view of matters at the time of the occurance."

"2) All mines that were on the two systems aquired have been replaced to the way they were, at our expense."

"3) All shipments of materials from these two systems has been suspended. These materials will now begin to stockpile on the systems for their eventual return to the rightful owner."

"4) I hereby make public apology to ALL Houses of the Confederacy, it was beyond my knowledge that Gondor was once a member of House Kaanini and was therefore a member of the Confederacy, if such had been known before hand our actions would most certainly have been different."

"5) Gondor or any other member of the confederacy of HIS choice may reaquire those systems and coordinates will be provided to the person of his choice. No other person will be allowed to touch those systems until that time. The person designated will be free of any outside interferance in doing this and will fall under the protection of House Ulthwe for the limited time that it takes to fulfill this point, starting from the time they appear within radar range of any part of House Ulthwe's sphere of influence and ending when they are outside that same radar range."

"6) At the request of outside Houses we will leave House Agnari to regain our independance and our nuetrality in the war, we will not however give up on the mission that House Agnari came to us with and asking our help in, and that is hunting the pirates that attack his house."

"Lady Marion has demanded our unconditional surrender into her house, that demand will never happen. We will not willingly join any House but House Agnari or House Troja, and we will only join those houses to aid them in a request if it is required to do so. Lady Marion is a warmonger, who demands respect, rather than earning it, who wields her power as House leader like a scythe, when she should instead wield it like a feather. One has only to search thru the archives to see that what i speak is true, she shows no honor to anyone other than to those who bow and scrape to her wishes. Case in Point is the issue between the Senate, and the Confederacy where her statement is simple enough, "war is her last word", even though she and her allies are supposed to open diplomatic talks before any hostilities she refuses to do so. for these reasons we will never willingly serve the likes of Lady Marion, she will have to satisfied with the above conditions that are already in place and being acted upon."

"Black Skull was labeled a pirate before the fall of House Underverse and is still listed as a pirate even now, his affiliation with House Troja is not a safeguard for him, if he comes anywhere within 600 Ly of our borders he is subject to attack for acts of piracy against House Underverse, House Agnari and numerous other houses as well."

"Portishead is labeled as a Pirate and his affiliation with Lady Marion does not exclude him from attack for the same thing as Black Skull. We understand that he is an ally of Lady Marion, but we also understand that he is NOT a member of the Confederacy. he began attacks against House Agnari after entering into a pact with the Lady, and that is Pirateering. he too is subject to attack if appears anywhere within 600LY of our borders."

"as always members of the Confederacy and the Houses of Agnari are free to come and go as they please within our borders. It is our fervent wish that the actions that have been taken will be enough and that our apology is taken to heart."

as the the scribes quickly finish writing the last of words into their datapads, Lady Sjet looks around once more glaring at each commander, then turns and stalks from the meeting room, followed by the personage of Judas Carpetti, her Galactic Herald. entering into her personal chambers, she says in a soft voice, "If only there were a way to end this damned war I would follow that course with my entire being, but it seems that Agnar and Robin are only interested in destroying all the lesser houses under them. why do they not simply gather their forces onto their warplanets, meet each other in a designated location and have it our once and for all, instead of pussyfooting around like a couple of schoolyard bullys waiting for the other to throw the first punch is beyond me. pleas relay my statements as quickly as possible Judas, our future once again rests in your hands and the messages you carry."

I do not know why they do what they do, My Lady, but I will preform my duties to you to best of my ability" Judas then bows and takes his leave to send word out across the galaxy of a House in torment.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 14:50    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lady Sjet walks into the council chambers follwed swiftly by several scribes and the ever present form of Judas Carpetti, the galactic herald assigned to the House of Ulthwe.

striding to the center of the room, Lady Sjet waves a hand over tthe top of a green marble table that is inset with holographic projectors. On the other side of the same table are five commanders, each in charge of a particular battle fleet. "Show me", commands Lady Sjet. "Yes my lady" and above the table the projectors show an area of the Ulthwe empire far to the west. "As you commanded lady we have watched and kept tabs on the doings of Imperator Coca, the messages you requested to be sent to him have recieved no response allthough our instruments have shown that they were indeed recieved by Imperator Coca. As of today Iperator Coca has escaped and is now off our radar images, his warplanet was last seen heading into the old territory of Lady Marion and Lord Bucan, here in this sector." the holo screens flicker slightly and the view of space that was within the field changes to a new viewpoint.

"Very well, continue to moniter the situation with our Allied member in the area, and report anything of significance to me." turning to the scribes and the Galactic Herald Lady Sjet further states,"send this meassage out to all allys of House Ulthwe and to all other sectors of the galaxy so that all may once again know the intentions of House Ulthwe. From this day Imperator Coca of House Coke is labeled a pirate and a spy to the House of Ulthwe, for his actions, for it appears that he was sent into the area to gain control of an inferior race and elevate them high enough to provoke hostile actions against the allied House of Borg. Having failed in great part in this mission, it is now apparent that he seeks to escape back into the territory of his true master, leaving us with no other choice than to label him as a Pirate. As such any further meetings in the future between House Ulthwe and the Pirate Coke will be Hostile and will allow for no quarter. Make it known that I, Lady Sjet, do hereby place my seal and solemn oath to this missive."

Lady Sjet
House Ulthwe
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 06:10    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lord Alphabravo called in his assistant.

"Have you heard the Lady's message?" he asked.
"Yes, sire. It would appear that others have had our same experiences with this vagabond thief."
"Indeed... as I thought. Well... there's nothing else for it, offer assistance to whomever needs it to stop this coca, or help return our planets. We shall not stand for this!"
"Very well sire."

Alphabravo sat dawn, before writing a letter to friends all around. "This could take a while, but it should be ok", he thought.
Major alphabravo in the house Thalgados-Sissyhood
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 15:15    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lady Sjet stands up from the throne of her command ship, walks over to the refreshment stand and pours herself a tallaxian drink. turning she once again peruses the holo display in the middle of the chamber and ponders over the situation that has evolved.

Looking at her advisors she says, "So House Ori has now gone against their original statements and continued to attack Tikonda, meanwhile MichiMike of trhe AustrianAlliance taunts House Templar over open channels and now if I am to Understand you correctly Tikonda has had some kind of accident and is not expected to live, is that correct?

"Yes my Lady.", intone the five advisors.

through the door a young Harlequin appears and approaches, bowing the Harlequin presents Lady Sjet a data crystal, and says "my apologies for interupting your advisory session my lady but i thought it important for you to see this."

walking to the holo tank Lady Sjet places the crystal in the receptacle and calls forth the data with a wave of her hand, appearing in the tanks image display are the taunts of the one called the LeperKing and a star display showing the location of the one known as Tremor.

after reading the taunts of the LeperKing, Lady Sjet then returns to the greater problem of House Ori and the AustrianAlliance. Several moments pass as she silently looks into the future to discern the path that will best serve House Ulthwe.

finally turning to her advisors she states, "Let it be known among the galaxy that the NAT with House Ori is now null and void, House Ulthwe must stand in defense of those diplomatics that are far older, thusly we must abide by the alliance we have with House Templar and take up arms against their aggressors. therefore, it is with much regret that we declare war on both House Ori and the AustrianAlliance, and stand shoulder to shoulder with our Allies in House Templar."

Pausing so her advisors can note the Lady's words for transmission to the galactic council, Lady Sjet then continues, "Let it also be known that should House Morcookies initiate hostilities against the Lady Miss Swan, that he will become an enemy of the House of Ulthwe, as Miss Swan is under the protection of House Templar, and to take arms against a protectorate of Templar is to take arms against House Ulthwe."

with that said Lady Sjet waves her hand in dismissal, and all file from the room to carry out her instructions, except one who has stood unnoticed by all but the Lady in a shadowy corner of the room.

"Is this the best choice for our peoples my Lady?", says the ShadowSeer, "Are we certain that there is not a better option?"

turning from the holo dispaly Lady Sjet, the FarSeer of her people says, "Regretfully my dear friend there is not, if we join Ori against the Templars then we will lose everything we have worked for, and I do mean everything. If we take the path of nuetrality then we still lose much that we have gained, not the least of which is the respect of the House Templar. Only by taking arms, do we maintain all that we have worked for, However, there is still the chance to repair the damage that will occur, but that chance will only come when peace has once again returned to the galaxy."

Both the Lady Sjet, and her greatest advisor the ShadowSeer then turn and watch as the stars slowly wheel past the great viewport of the command ship in their endless dance through time and space.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 17:28    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lady Sjet resplendant in a shimmering gown of emerald satin, her long black hair flowing down her back steps off the anti-grav lift and onto the bridge of her command ship. all those on the bridge snap to attention and then immediately return to their duties as she walks into her stateroom followed by the Captain of the ship and her personal guard.

Sitting down and then looking at the Captain, Lady Sjet nods. At that the Captain begins his report by waving a hand over the holo-imager in the middle of the room, "We intercepted this transmission, it originated in the Austrian Alliance territories and as you will see we thought it important enough to bring to your notice," he says. in the holo-imager Lady Sjet sees herself screaming at her attendants and holding two walnuts in one hand which she then proceeds to easily crush, it is also very apparent that some of those attendants visibly blanch in color while others subtly change the positions of their stances to cover private areas of their anatomy.

"We've thoroughly studied the transmission and broken it down into several key components, I'll now display what we have found," says the Captain as he begins to adjust the images in the holo-field. "Here we see that there is actually two layers to the images, from the side angle you can clearly see that the first or bottom layer is the original and that over that is another layer of false, or more accurately, transposed images." The Captain then makes more adjustments as Lady Sjet rises and walks around her desk toward the holo-field.

In the holo-field the images now split into two different screens, one displaying the original video and the second displaying the altered video. The sound of laughter thens filters throughout the room like the chime of pure crystal. "Take these two videos and retransmit them across the galactic center so that all may share in this humor. I will retire back to my private chambers and if anything else comes up save it until the morning and I will look at it then." At that Lady Sjet then walks out of the stateroom, the sound of her laughter soflty following closely behind.

The Captain turns back to the holo-viewer and with a grin records both versions of the transmitted video side by side and then proceeds to send the recording out to the galactic council so that all may clearly see Michimike of the Austrian Alliance wearing a dress and a black wig holding two walnuts in one hand, screaming at attendants and then crushing them easily, while in the side image is a view of Lady Sjet wearing a gown of the same color wrapping her hand around a bundle of roses handed to her by a child, in the background one can see the crowds of the city cheering, cherry blossoms drifting in the wind as they are tossed into the air in great handfulls. The Captain clearly remembers this from a state address that Lady Sjet had given two months ago, as he had been there on the podium behind his lady but out of view from the cameras, and then begins laughing himself.

From the Webway Portals of Lady Sjet of the House of Ulthwe
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 16:24    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Viewscreen lit up with the image of one of Lady Sjet's Harlequin spies, and bleeped to gain her attention. Looking at the screen with irritation, Lady Sjet acknowledged the Harlequin presence. "Report." she said tersely.

"Forgive me for intruding on your meditations my Lady, but we have discovered treachery most foul from a former ally and thought you should be made aware of it." said the Harlequin.

"Continue, you have my utmost attention, who is this base traitor?" says Lady Sjet.

"My Lady, it is none other than ShadowCleric of House Ori." replied the Harlequin

"EXPLAIN!!, and do it NOW!!" commanded Lady Sjet as she went from full Lotus to standing in front of the viewscreen in much the same way a jungle cat moves through the underbrush when bearing down on it's prey, a quick explosion of movement ending in lots of blood and death.

"You remember a few days ago when the transmission of Leftover's attack on one of our holdings came to us, well the information that we have discovered is that it wasn't Leftover who attacked, it was ShadowCleric. Here is the proof of our report gleaned from the data systems of the Galactic Council." at this the Harlequin looks down from the viewscreen and is obviously manipulating some kind of input device that cannot be seen, and then looks up, "I'm transmitting the information to your your flagship now it should be accesible by the Holo-imager in just one second."

Lady Sjet turns and strides across the room toward a pedestal that stands about three feet tall, made from green marble shot through with striations of quartz crystal. On the top of the pedestal is a smooth dome of diamond with a 2 foot circumferance, set into the edge of the pedestal in a ring around the smooth surface of the pedestral's dome are arrays of sapphire's, rubies, and emerald's. Waving her hand over these inset jewels in a particular pattern Lady Sjet calls forth the information transmitted to her.

In the air over the pedestal appears:

Galactic news of the day 322/3505

Conflicts in the galaxy:
Lord of the House michimike (house AustrianAlliance) integrates imperator Tikonda (former house Thatrix-Coalition) into his empire
(destroyed combat power: 7).
Admiral Nikoy (house Order_of_Templar) integrates imperator
Alpha-X1 (former house AustrianAlliance) into his empire
(destroyed combat power: 12).
Commander Valtom (house Walhalla) conquered a solar system
from Member of the House Xenoiny (house SPITE) (destroyed combat power: 12).
Commander Lady_Sjet (house Resurr-Templar) conquered a solar system
from Commander Alpha-X1 (house Order_of_Templar) (destroyed combat power: 12).
Major alienkid (house regela) conquered a solar system
from Lord of the House michimike (house AustrianAlliance) (destroyed combat power: 12).
Commander Claudiu (house Claudiu) conquered a solar system
from Commander Thaumaturg (house Order_of_Templar) (destroyed combat power: 12).
Commander Warduke (house Iberion) conquered a solar system
from Commander Gondor (house AustrianAlliance) (destroyed combat power: 12).
Commander leftover (house Pirates_of_Ori) conquered a solar system
from Commander Lady_Sjet (house Resurr-Templar) (destroyed combat power: 53).

Declarations of independence:
Today, there were no declarations of independence.

Active temporary replacements:
Councilor of the House ShadowCleric represents Commander leftover for 10 day(s).

Retirements of Imperators:
The imperator 'Tikonda', house 'Thatrix-Coalition', proclaims that he will retire in 3 day(s)!
The imperator 'LordAdler', house 'TheLords', proclaims that he will retire in 13 day(s)!
The imperator 'Lord_Byron', house 'Calypso', proclaims that he will retire in 9 day(s)!

"I've taken the liberty to highlight the pertinant information, you see when we recieved word of the invasion of our holdings, it only says that it was Leftover of House Pirates of Ori who attacked with his WarPlanet. we had no reason to believe that there was anything more to it." The Harlequin continues as Lady Sjet studies the reports. "Today when we recieved the galactic news for yesterday we paid more attention to it since we knew that attacks would be taking place that might affect the crews of our ships, that was when we noticed that Shadow had apparently hacked his way into gaining command of Imperator Leftover's ships. We then checked the back records finding that after Shadow had gained command, he then used those ships of Imperator Leftover to attack us."

"I see, your report has been quite accurate, thank you." says Lady Sjet
"My Lady, there is another matter as well, our Mime in House Moorcookies sent us a communique. the contents are not flattering in the least." says the Harlequin, "See for yourself."

at which a video stream begins, in the video can be seen the rotting image of the one who styles himself the Leperking, and kneeling on the floor in front of him is his servent Frog and his high priest Mad Monk Mikey. "Miss Swan may be too delicate to marry into me, but this Lady Sjet...she has such fire and passion, if she were to be married to my body it is quite possible that her parts would survive for far longer than the rest of these simpletons and weaklings that you bring me." says the Leperking.

"Manservent Frog," yells the King as he points a finger at his servent. the finger immediatly flies off of the kings hand and smacks frog in the face, then wetly slides down his chin and drops to the floor.

"Oooh, sausages!" says Mad Monk, who promptly scoops the recently lost appendage off the floor, pops it into his mouth and begins chewing contentedly.

"sir." replies Manservant Frog wealky.

"Make the arrangements to have this Lady Sjet brought to me, and then have her prepared for marriage." says the Leperking

"As you command so shall it be done, my lord." says Manservant Frog who then hastily departs with Mad Monk beside him, still chewing on the finger.

relief washes over Lady Sjet's face as the video ends, "What a disgusting and vile creature this LeperKing is, obviously he worships Nurgle the Dark God of the Rot, but he will find that we are more than a challenge for him. send him this message" and Lady sjet outlines the message she wishes sent to the Leperking.

waving her hand over the holo-imager Lady Sjet calls forth the image of Judas Carpetti the Galactic Council's envoy to the House of Ulthwe
"Judas send a message to House Ori via the Galactic Council." says the Lady, " To Shadow of House Ori, we regretted having to nullify our NAT with you and yours. We promised that in the coming conflict, we would do our best to keep hostilities to a minimum. We also promised that after peace had once more been achieved that we would once again open freindly relations with your house, if you and yours were so willing. However, that ends today, your base treachery of using Imperator Leftover against us has been discovered. We have purposely left your holdings alone, and that also comes to an end, as of today we declare all out war against the House Ori, no ship, no planet, no house member will be safe from our wrath. As you have done to us, so now do we do to you."

"It will be done My Lady." replies Judas

In the palace of the LeperKing, a silent figure stalks through the corridors, at one junction the figure then dissapears into the shadows lining the ceiling and from there works thier way over to a ventilation duct in the wall. working through the duct the person makes their way into the bedchambers of the LeperKing, then after a short period leaves the same way as they entered.

The next morning Leperking wakes to find a black Rose on the pillow next to his head, then his eyes bug out of skull, resulting in the loss of one as it rolls under the bed, and jumps from his bed shouting for his guards. Looking back at the pillow next to where he lay is an expertly dissected bullfrog, its internals now displayed openly.

From the Webway Portals of Lady Sjet of the House of Ulthwe
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 17:02    Post subject: Reply with quote

the cold dark of night, in the deeps of space, a lone Warplanet wends it's way through it's own small part of the galaxy. Inside this warplanet there is a feeling of much sadness. darkened corridors, listless flight crews, noone speaks to the other in passing, they merely nod an acknowledgement and hurry on their way. Deeper into the small moon we travel and everywhere it is the same, a deep feeling of moodiness and sadness. yes, sadness indeed, deep and soul aching. Within the depths of this warplanet we find eventually a throne room, and here the cold is not so profound as it is on the surface of the moon but it is still a deep bone chilling cold nonetheless. This cold is very important now to the person who sits in the throne of this darkened room, for it holds back the rot. It prevents the various stolen body parts that prolong the life of LeperKing from deterioating so fast.

Standing up from his throne LeperKing shuffles his way to the large viewscreen, whereupon he clicks a few keys on the keyboard in front of it and brings up a starmap of the surrounding area. within the map Leperking can see the Warplanet of Croaker and Ancient.

"This was a mistake", he thinks, "a very big mistake. I should not have antagonized Miss Swan, Lady Sjet, House Templar, or the Sacred Order of Thalgados. Now my fleet has been destroyed by my enemy, and I am reduced to a pauper king. I should NEVER have listened to the serpent lies of Michimike and ShadowCleric. Now Shadow is destroyed and has capitulated. While Michimike has achieved a victory over Giner it is hardly a telling one from what my spies tell me, meanwhile Miss Swan and Lady Sjet continue to defy me."

Savagely Leperking pounds the off button on the keyboard and stalks back to his throne yelling, "FFFRRROOOOGGG!!"

Manservent Frog visibly flinches at his post on the bridge as he hears the yelled command of his liege lord, and ponders a way to place whatever blame is headed his way onto someone else. Sighing he turns from his post at the communications center and signals a young officer to take over, then makes his way to Leperking's throne room, behind him Mad Monk Mikey japes wildly and dances a little two step before following Manservent frog.

"You bellowed my lord" replies Frog as he warily steps through the door into the throne room.
"Come closer, Frog, I can't see you over there."
Frog steps closer, all of about five feet, still leaving 25 feet between himself and the Leperking.
"Closer Frog, I want you here in front of me." says Leperking as he points to a spot on the floor only two feet away from his throne.
visibly shaking now Manservent Frog makes his way over to the spot indicate and supplicates himself before his master. as he kneels down about to touch forehead to floor, Leperking's foot lashes out and smashes frog's nose to a bleeding pulp.
"This has to be your fault," screams Leperking, "I don't know how or when but somewhere down the line you screwed up and now we have lost almost everything. On top of which we are now forced to give tribute to the enemy who defeated us, and that too is your fault as well. Now tell me that this is true so that i may believe it and devise an appropriate punishment, and don't you dare suggest in any way that i had something to do with this or i swear your manhood shall be nailed to the middle of that giant smiley face on the surface of this moon!!"

before Frog can say anything, the viewscreen behind Leperking comes to life and a voice that summons images of warm autumn nights sounds throughout the room. Turning to the screen Leperking sees two images side by side, the first is that of Nikoy, great leader of the House Of Templar, and the second is none other than that of Lady Sjet of House Ulthwe.

"Well met and merry meet again, Leperking"
"How?!" stammers Frog as he looks past his Lord and master

The image of Nikoy speaks, in a gruff and stern language that is unintelligible to Leperking, then the Lady Sjet speaks, "My race has the ability to translate any language within the galaxy, and though it pains me greatly to look upon so cursed a visage as yourself, needs must i do so at the behest of our allies who wish to speak with you. Allow me to introduce to you personally Lord Nikoy of House Templar, and I as you already doubtless know am Lady Sjet of House Ulthwe. Lord Nikoy wishes to extend greetings to the newst member of House Templar."

The image of Nikoy continues to speak, as does Lady Sjet as she translates for the benefit of Lerperking, Manservent frog, and hiding in the back of the room behind a drapery, Mad Monk Mikey.

"Lord Nikoy says that it is with much regret that the loss of life that was your warfleet was necessary, but your actions brought this upon yourself not only from House Templar but also from it's allies House Ulthwe and the Sacred Order of Thalgados. If it were not us who had defeated you it would have been another and your position would be much the same as it is now. However, you have a choice before you, the house of Templar can offer you and your peoples medicinal aid for your condition. We can also grant you protection as a protectorate of House Templar from our enemies. House Templar can help you rebuild what you have lost and can help you expand. This aid does not come without a price, you must henceforth, swear fealty to House Templar, and will act in the best interest of the house in all ways. You must never again raise arms against House Templar, it's wing houses or it's allies, or thou shalt suffer consequences most dreadfull. The systems that you conquered and have turned into a slaughterhouse to arrest your homeplanets disease will be returned to thier rightful owners. You may of course go your own way again, but in doing so you will be vulnerable to the depredations of Michimike, Shadowcleric and Assissine, non of which will be declined to give you much leniancy since you have failed in your task as they demanded of you. We have seen what they do to those who fail them and trust us, it is not pretty in the least. we shall give you time to think things over before requiring an answer, good day to you Lord."

The images fades from the screen leaving Leperking stunned with the news of a cure for his condition and that of his people. Turning to face Manservent Frog, Leperking kicks him again, "Does your base ineptitude know no bounds, you allowed our fleet to be destroyed, our cargo of parts to be stolen from under our noses and now you allow them to hack into our communications?!"
"But, sir, I had nothing to do with that, i wasn't even at the com station when this message came in."
"Shut up!! I've had it up to here with your base whining, leave me and think upon a suitable punishment for your transgressions."

As Manservent Frog slinks from the chamber, he hears Mad Monk snickering behind the drapery, and a slow smile spreads across his face as he begins to plot his way out of trouble and Mad Mike into his place.

From the Webway portals of
Lady Sjet of The House Of Ulthwe
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